Beau Dorning

Beau Dorning

Founder & Lead Coach

Beau is an Air Force veteran and multi-discipline athlete from San Diego, CA. His interest in both athletics and human health and performance eventually led him to find CrossFit in 2009. He co-founded V23 to help those from diverse backgrounds and experience levels develop a love with their training. Throughout his career, Beau has been fortunate to have been mentored by renowned strength and conditioning coaches, movement experts, and seasoned veterans of the game. It was through their expertise, literature, and countless trips back to the drawing board that helped build the philosophy and belief system that guides his coaching today. Forever a student of his craft, Beau is always looking to strengthen and question his understanding of human movement and physical health to help others "live a larger life".

Ruthie Massman

Ruthie Massman

Founder & Lead Coach

Ruthie, like many Colorado natives, enjoys spending much of her free time outdoors and exploring the West. She is a strong believer in athletic fitness applied to an active lifestyle. For the past thirteen years she has worked as a fitness professional and has made the gym part of many people’s lives, not just something in a mundane routine. By combining her experience managing gyms and with her training background, she brings a unique set of skills and abilities to V23 Athletics, making it truly one of its kind. In addition to coaching classes, Ruthie offers personal training and nutrition planning.

Trainer Certifications


Level 1 qminze
CF - Level 1 Trainer

Essential CrossFit methodology and foundational movements.

Level 2 ag6wpn
CF - Level 2 Trainer

Enhanced understanding of the CrossFit methodology, program design and implementation.

Conjugate methods t32jvs
CF - Conjugate Methods

Varied movements, volume, and loading to develop top-end strength.

C flex dojxlq
CF - Flexibility

Functional movements to guide flexibility training and to develop strategies for improving specific movements.

Gymnastics qqoiul
CF - Gymnastics

Intermediate and advanced gymnastics movements.

Kids cert aphcgp
CF - Kids

Pair fitness with fun – which is essential in promoting a lifetime of fitness.

Sport specific cert ctjywm
CF - Sport-Specific Application

Designed to equip coaches and athletes with the tools necessary to train for performance in specific sports.

Strongman w9z6up
CF - Strongman

Challenges the neuromuscular system in ways a barbell cannot and better mimics challenges found outside the gym.


Usaw wvtmpm
USAW - Level 1 Sport Performance

Programming of training for both competitive weightlifters and for athletes using the weightlifting movements for strength and power development as it applies their chosen sport.

Usa powerlifting logo retna eedfre
USA Powerlifting - CC

Coaching novice to local and state level lifters.

Opex black registered 1 uvkbj4
Opex CCP Level 1 (In Progress)

Deeper knowledge of coaching tactics, systems, and frameworks needed to improve results for every client.


Pn feat cert hsdjuk
Precision Nutrition Level 1

The principles behind Precision Nutrition are those followed by Olympians and professional athletes.