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what are you becoming?

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The Human body was undeniably built to sprint, climb, lift, and jump.

We have specific physiological adaptations, like enormous lungs and the ability to sweat, that are only relevant to athletic organisms.

By design and construction, the human form is an athletic marvel, engineered to perform physical tasks.

To neglect the required maintanance of that machine is to deny it's nature.

Stop working out.

           start training.

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Athlete Testamonials

"V23 is the epitome of high-caliber coaching and community-supported success"

Brittany B. 

July, 2019

"It's imperative that people understand how rare this gym is.."

Alex T.

March, 2019

V23 is hands down the best gym I've ever been to. I've been to numerous crossfit gyms around Denver over the years and V23 is something very special.

Ryan D. 

February, 2019

"Killer strength program, mindful coaching staff, with (get this!) purposeful programming.
They do what most gyms don't to ensure progression of athlete skill and development."

Bennett N.


There is no man left behind here, V23 looks to build all community members and realizes that everyone has different life experiences and can bring a unique perspective to the table.

Chris A.