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w e   a r e   v 2 3

Beau Dorning

ruthie massman

v23 is for everyone

but it begins with you.


Your dedication. Your commitment.⁠

It's a power we all have within us.

You choose to use it or not.⁠

Strength sees no race, sees no religion, sees no gender.⁠

Strength is an expression of what you're truly made of.


find your power with us. ⁠

meet the team


Beau Dorning

Founder & Head Coach

Beau is an Air Force veteran and multi-discipline athlete from San Diego, CA. His interest in both athletics and human health and performance eventually led him to pursue strength and conditioning in 2009. He co-founded V23 to help those from diverse backgrounds (from NFL, D1 athletics, to Pro Strongman) and experience levels develop a love with their training.


Throughout his career, Beau has been fortunate to have been mentored by renowned strength and conditioning coaches, movement experts, and seasoned veterans of the game. It was through their expertise, literature, and countless trips back to the drawing board that helped build the philosophy and belief system that guides his coaching today.


Forever a student of his craft, Beau is always looking to strengthen and question his understanding of human movement and physical health to help others "live a larger life".


KEgan Dillon

Program Director: Competitor / Powerlifting Coach

Kegan is a multi=sport athlete and 82nd Airborne veteran. After an accident ended his military career, Kegan became obsessed with learning the inner workings of strength and conditioning to rehabilitate his own injuries and aid others.

His unconventional path has led him across the country to work with some of the best and brightest minds in the industry including Jesse Burdick, James Fitzgerald, Jason Leydon, Mark Twight, Michael Blevins, and endless other professional organizations (OPEX, CrossFit Milford, Nonprophet.)

Kegan works with athletes of all ages and abilities- coaching Regional + CrossFit Games athletes/teams, World Record Powerlifters, National Champion Weightlifters, Pro Snowboarders, and even musicians. His is passion lies in competitive CrossFit, Strength Sport, and those who utilize the gym as a means to improve their athletic endeavors in the outdoors.

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Evan Johnston

USAW Sports Performance Coach

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ruthie massman

Founder & Nutrition Coach

Ruthie, like many Colorado natives, enjoys spending much of her free time outdoors and exploring the West. She is a strong believer in athletic fitness applied to an active lifestyle.


For the past thirteen years she has worked as a fitness professional and has made the gym part of many people’s lives, not just something in a mundane routine.


By combining her experience managing gyms and with her training background, she brings a unique set of skills and abilities to V23 Athletics, making it truly one of a kind.

In addition to coaching classes, Ruthie offers personal training for both performance and aesthetics, and nutrition planning.


maggie ault M.S.

Performance & Strength Coach

Maggie, is a former collegiate soccer player from Kansas Wesleyan University. After receiving her undergrad in Exercise Science, she found herself in Colorado after receiving an internship at the University of Colorado- Boulder. It was here in Colorado that she received her Masters in Biomechanics.


Maggie specializes in performance, movement, and injury mitigation applied to both sport and an active lifestyle. She works with elite athletes and weekend warriors alike to keep them in the game, on the trail, and injury free for years to come. 


"annie" oakley

gym dog

Evan grew up with gymnastics, competing at the youth national level. The gymnastics background led him to success as a multi-sport athlete, ultimately reaching NCAA Division II and minor league lacrosse. 


His love for the strength and conditioning aspect of collegiate athletics and the desire to compete at a high level set the stage for a successful CrossFit career with 4 Regional appearances. From there he found the sport of weightlifting, where he has medaled in national competition multiple times.


Evan takes pride in sharing his knowledge and experiences with athletes. He is an accomplished coach, qualifying athletes to the Masters World and Pan-American Championships for weightlifting as well as the CrossFit Games Sanctionals.


Always striving to reach his full potential as a person and as an athlete, Evan is passionate about helping those around him do the same.


what is v23?

v23 represents the element, vanadium...
which beholds the atomic number 23 on the periodic table.

this bluish metal is added to steel and to other hard metals to make them lighter, stronger, and more resistant to wear and corrosion.. thius increasing the strength to weight ratio,  longevity and stability of the products that it is used in.

we believe our training systems, methods, and philosophy are congruent with these properties. using science-based, best practice methods, we are constantly evolving and seeking to question our understanding of human movement and performance... allowing our athletes, community,  and those inside these walls to thrive for years to come.


We don't take a "one-size fits all" approach to fitness.

Because in our world, one size definitely doesn’t fit all.

Athletes come to us from different starting points with different goals, needs, and objectives. We make sure that every time they set foot in the door, they get one step closer to achieving them.

Here’s how we do it:



      Efficacy. We train with purpose.

Every workout has a unique, intended stimulus. A purpose in mind.

We control the intensity, load, and volume for each individual athlete in the room. Ensuring that they’re not only working toward that purpose, but they’re not performing a single rep more than they can recover from to get there.

Process. We honor every step along the way.

We use a proven system of skill progressions that will allow our athletes to safely navigate and perform even the most complex of human movements.

This system emphasizes increasing efficiency and economy of movement, allowing them to perform movements faster and more safely.


Respect. We analyze rather than criticize.

We create an environment that honors and celebrates physical health, hard work, wellness, and fun.

Our assumption is that athletes are going to come in here and give their best. We believe they deserve the best in return.


Our programming is built on a process that's comprehensive, inclusive and always challenging.

We show up here every day, athletes and coaches alike, striving to improve.

Because if we don’t...

then there’s no damn soul in it. Nothing that inspires more.

As in all things, if it’s worth doing, it’s worth doing right.

J O I N  T H E  T R I B E

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