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Beau Dorning

Founder & Head Coach

Beau is an Air Force veteran and multi-discipline athlete from San Diego, CA. His interest in both athletics and human health and performance eventually led him to pursue strength and conditioning in 2009. He co-founded V23 to help those from diverse backgrounds (from NFL, D1 athletics, to Pro Strongman) and experience levels develop a love with their training.


Throughout his career, Beau has been fortunate to have been mentored by renowned strength and conditioning coaches, movement experts, and seasoned veterans of the game. It was through their expertise, literature, and countless trips back to the drawing board that helped build the philosophy and belief system that guides his coaching today.


Forever a student of his craft, Beau is always looking to strengthen and question his understanding of human movement and physical health to help others "live a larger life".


ruthie massman

Founder & General Manager

Ruthie, like many Colorado natives, enjoys spending much of her free time outdoors and exploring the West. She is a strong believer in athletic fitness applied to an active lifestyle.


For the past thirteen years she has worked as a fitness professional and has made the gym part of many people’s lives, not just something in a mundane routine.


By combining her experience managing gyms and with her training background, she brings a unique set of skills and abilities to V23 Athletics, making it truly one of a kind.

In addition to coaching classes, Ruthie offers personal training for both performance and aesthetics, and nutrition planning.


maggie ault M.S.

Performance & Strength Coach

Maggie, is a former collegiate soccer player from Kansas Wesleyan University. After receiving her undergrad in Exercise Science, she found herself in Colorado after receiving an internship at the University of Colorado- Boulder. It was here in Colorado that she received her Masters in Biomechanics.


Maggie specializes in performance, movement, and injury mitigation applied to both sport and an active lifestyle. She works with elite athletes and weekend warriors alike to keep them in the game, on the trail, and injury free for years to come. 

Lyndsay fit_edited.jpg

Evan johnston

USA Weightlifting Performance Coach

Evan grew up with gymnastics, competing at the youth national level. The gymnastics background led him to success as a multi-sport athlete, reaching NCAA Division II and minor league lacrosse.


His love for the strength and conditioning desire to compete at a high level set the stage for a successful CrossFit career, where Evan competed for his gym's team at the CrossFit Games Regionals four times.


An accomplished weightlifter and Coach, Evan has qualified athletes to the Masters World and Pan-American Championships for weightlifting as well as the CrossFit Games Sanctionals.


Always striving to reach his full potential as a person and as an athlete, Evan is passionate about helping those around him do the same.

Lyndsay Williams

Fitness + OCR Coach

Lyndsay was a competitive swimmer for 14 years, competing Division I at the University of Idaho. She coaches swimming and currently runs the Aquawolves Swim Team out of Cherry Creek High School.


Coaching is her passion. She loves guiding others to improve their fitness while building community, and runs the V23 101 Program and Community Development.


Known for both her energy and engine, Lyndsay competes in multiple domains including CrossFit and Hyrox, which she recently was given a nod to the World Championships. She also has a weekly meal prep service and enjoys coaching athletes away from the gym on what they are putting into their bodies to help them accomplish their fitness goals. 

professional certifications 


Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist

Apply scientific knowledge to train athletes for the primary goal of improving athletic performance.dational movements.


Precision Nutrition

Principles behind Precision Nutrition are those followed by Olympians and professional athletes


Gym Jones:

Advanced Program Theory

Foundation 4 Programming + Design



Personal Trainer

images (2).png

USA Powerlifting - CC

Coaching novice to local and state level lifters.


Westside Barbell

Tactical Instructor

Absolute Strength, Explosive Power, and Dynamic Endurance for EMS, Military, and Mixed Martial Arts.


Performance Enhancement Specialist

images (2).png

USAW - Level 1 Sport Performance

Opex CCP Level 1

Deep knowledge of coaching tactics, systems, and frameworks.

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