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Small group training

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Functional Fitness

v23wod is our bread and butter. high speed. low drag. Exercise selection, training frequency, volume, and intensity are critical components we manipulate in order to create intelligent training programs to create the desired fitness.
We offer these classes 6 days per week. The daily WOD is listed in the members area, and Members can see an entire week’s programming in advance by logging into their train heroic account.



V23 BUILD is our aesthetic approach to fitness.  This program is designed to have you summer ready all year round. V23 BUILD focuses on physique, physical symmetry, body composition as well as maintaining the general physical fitness you can expect from any of our programs. It's bodybuilding... done right.

5 periodized workouts per week. Tanning oil not included.

Body confidence, size, strength, rock hard tasty abs... if you're into those things, you'll love BUILD.


v23 strength

this program explores and educates on different expressions and methods that produce strength.


based around the squat, press, and deadlift, athletes will be exposed to both linear and conjugate methods. These methods are used at the highest levels of powerlifting and weightlifting.


We want to break the idea of only using certain lifts to express strength. we understand that Strength is trained and expressed in different speeds, resulting in increased power outputs and efforts. 


v23 strongman

one of a kind in denver! we use modern day equipment to replicate the most raw and classic strength movements to train both competitive athletes and the general population alike.  Using apparatus intended to mimic natural movement more often than not increases results measurably. 


strongman is the ultimate functional fitness. Tire flips, farmer carries, yoke carries, atlas stones, heavy sandbags, logs, kegs, and more.  pick it up, put it down, flip it, hold it, squat it, push it, pull it, press it, and move it from point A to point B.

Embrace the challenge.  You'll be amazed at what you can accomplish.

check out our cycles + intensives page to view our other offerings

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NOTE: A minimum of 3 months of experience is required for drop-ins or new members taking one of our CrossFit or strength  classes. If you are lacking this experience, you can obtain it two ways; 1) through private training with a coach, 2) by participating in our strength, functional bodybuilding, crossfit, or aerobic capacity, intensives. 

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